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How to Connect Mouse/Keyboard to Android Mobiles

How to Connect Mouse/Keyboard to Android Mobiles

The Android Operating System supports PC mouse, game pads and keyboards. Many of the Android devices that are available in the market can be connected to the PC peripherals with the help of USB OTG cable.


USB OTG is a cable that can directly connect two devices, allowing one device to talk to the other without being connected to the computer. For Android devices don’t have a full-size or standard USB port, it requires a Micro USB adaptor when peripheral is connected.

For Instance, when USB OTG is connected to the Android phone, the phone will turn into a host as a computer. Then peripherals like USB mouse and keyboard can be plugged in and control the device. Here is how it’s done.

Device/components needed

1.Android phone




2.Micro USB OTG cable

3.USB mouse/tablet

Steps: Connect USB Mouse/Keyboard to Android with Micro USB OTG Cable

Step 1. Connect the USB OTG into the micro-USB port on your Android phone or tablet. The device will be set as a host like a computer.

Step 2. Plug the USB mouse/Keyboard to the standard/full-size USB port of the USB OTG.

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Note: Some Android devices don’t have the hardware support. So, not every device supports USB OTG.

STEP 3. When the mouse is connected, a pointer would appear on the screen which you can use to scroll through pages, click on apps and do all basic things a mouse would normally do on computers.

Now you have successfully connected a USB keyboard or mouse to your Android device. You can work on your Android far more easier and faster than ever before.

With the mouse and keyboard plugged into the phone, you can enjoy Android games in your phone/tablet.

This also comes handy when your Screen is broken and touch screen is not working  you can unlock the phone and get the backup from your Android device.


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