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Hebbe Falls : A must visit place in Chikmagalur District

Hebbe Falls : A must visit place in Chikmagalur District

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If you are looking for an enjoyable and exciting holiday excursion near Bengaluru, then make sure you choose Hebbe Falls, which is located in Chikmagalur district, Karnataka. Last year, I visited this amazing place with my loved ones to witness the beautiful natural scenery and other attractions that boggled my mind very much. Hebbe Falls is nearly thirteen kilometers away from Kemmanagundi. Personal vehicles were not allowed to the falls as the road leading to Hebbe Falls was extremely treacherous and dangerous. So we had to hire a 4 wheeler near the entrance of the estate.

Reaching Hebbe falls, we enjoyed natural waterfalls, lush palm trees, and idyllic green mountain valleys. Water was cold and flows throughout the year. But beware of leeches while you walk through the wet ground. Make sure you carry salt and matchbox to get rid of leech on your body.


~ Location ~

  • Hebbe falls: Chikamagalur district Karnataka. 280 kms from Bengaluru

~ Places nearby ~

Although there are lots of places nearby Hebbe Falls that one can visit, we visited the following six locations:

Shivgiri: Located in the unsullied natural beauty of the  Sahyadri Ranges in Chikmagalur district, it is just the ticket for trekking. A perfect place for those who want to pay a visit to a dense forest and get complete peace of mind. We chose Shivigiri because it is truly a spectacular place for watching birds and trekking up to an altitude of over 5000 feet high Doddable Siddaragudda peak.

Rosary Church: Rosary Church is an old and dilapidated church which was built some 450 years ago. The church can be reached by using small boats when it is enveloped by water.

Kemmangundi Hill : Located near Tarikere (Chikkamagaluru district) approximately at a distance of 8 kilometers from Hebbe falls. This is a great place to witness the magnificent vista of sunset. This place is also dubbed as Krishna Rajendra hill station. Like many other people, we also visited this place and enjoyed the fantastic view of the sunset; indeed it was mind-boggling!

Z point: Z point is another place of attraction; it enables viewers to view and enjoy the beautiful sunrise from the Shanthi falls. Though Z point is located at a distance of an hour from the falls, the verdure surroundings and the astounding views make it valuable. Undoubtedly, visiting Z Point in person created memories that will be etched in our minds forever!

Kallathigiri falls: It’s the most panoramic Chikmagalur tourist places. The waterfall is surrounded by valleys and has a small temple called Veerbhadra Temple that attracts a number of tourists to this place. The water of this falls is believed to cure diseases.

~ Accommodation ~

There is no place to stay or put your tents near the waterfall. We stayed in Mallikarjuna lodges located in Kadur, Chikmagalur district. It is 42 kms from Hebbe falls and a center location to Chikmagalur and Kemmangundi. We spent Rs 1000/- per room and the rooms were clean.

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~ Cost ~

When it comes to ensuring the cost to visit Hebbe falls, it is free of cost. However, a ride from Kemmangundi, a sum of approximately Rs.3,200/- for 6 to 8 people

~ Food ~

There is no restaurant in Hebbe falls and within a range of 24 kilometers but there are excellent restaurants within a range of 100 kilometers. These restaurants are the most prominent viz. Ruchi Sagar Restaurant, Town Canteen, Magadh Restaurant, Shanthi Sagar, Peaberry Restaurant, Mess JNV, Padiyar, Hotel Shubham, Pinxx, Tiger Trail, Hotel Mathura Central, Mathura Paradise and so on. Incidentally while getting back to our hometowns, we selected Hotel Mathura Central and found it beyond compare in terms of local food , its taste, and quality. The local food items here are the same you can find in every Karnataka , like , rice and fish curry, spicy curries, pickle, raita, pallya, etc.

~ Best time to visit ~

The Best Time to visit Hebbe falls is considered from October to January as during this period, the water level is to the extreme and so you must visit the place within this period and witness maximum greenery to be seen. The high time to visit the falls is between 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, However, the caveat to consider critically is never to visit the peak monsoons as the path becomes too slippery and it will be a high  risk to get close to the water flow and swim.

So if you have geared up yourself for an enjoyable and incredible exhilarating journey in one of the best natural places of Karnataka with your special ones then plan your holidays at Hebbe Falls without fail! You will enjoy the unsullied beauty of nature.

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  • I have also been to this place. It is amazing, around 13 kms from Kemmannu gundi. Either trek/hire a jeep to experience humpy bumpy roads.

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