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Chrome config to fix explicit authentication issue

Chrome config to fix explicit authentication issue

I recently ran into an issue after a laptop restart. My Chrome was upgraded to version 81.

In this version, by default, if you run a website in Incognito mode; it does not send your credentials to the server. It keeps prompting for a username/password while connecting to a http authentication sites.

Registry change

Path in regedit: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Google\Chrome

Create a Registry Key: ​Ambient​Authentication​In​Private​Modes​Enabled with value “3

See Also

0 = Enable ambient authentication in regular sessions only.
1 = Enable ambient authentication in incognito and regular sessions.
2 = Enable ambient authentication in guest and regular sessions.
3 = Enable ambient authentication in regular, incognito and guest sessions.

For more details visit : Ambient​Authentication​In​Private​Modes​Enabled

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